Famille la Place Château Aydie Madiran 2011


A joy to drink this wine which shows the quality of Tannat when skillfully made and allowed to mature in bottle. Absolutely lovely, and a great match for lamb.

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Famille la Place Château Aydie








100% 35+ year old Tannat grown on the best slopes, with complex clays, limestone and gravel-based soils. Aged for 20 months in oak of various ages and sizes. Bottled with out filtration. 2011 was a tremendous vintage here. Wild hedgerow fruit and a beautifully integrated palate with a complex finish of mulberry, leather, wood smoke and sweet spices– this wine is singing now and would be magnificent with lamb.

About the Domaine

The Laplace family have owned this domaine since 1927. During this time, they have been at the forefront of the Madiran appellation, using innovative techniques to produce wines which balance Tannat’s tannic spine with rich satisfying fruit.

Madiran is an obscure appellation lying in the foothills of the Pyrenees in south west France. Positioned halfway between the sea and the mountains the region enjoys a varied topography and a complex geology, a mosaic of soils and clays which are ideally suit to the production of fine wines. The red wines are produced from the local Tannat grape, historically seen as almost violently tannic.

The Laplace’s were at the centre of developing methods to tame these tannins, whilst still retaining the savage beauty that makes good Madiran wines so thrilling.

Madiran wines were recently given the oxygen of publicity by a wine-loving cardiovascular professor from St Bartholomew’s Hospital whose research showed that the unique tannic structure of Tannat breaks down cholesterol and helps explain why south west France boasts the lowest incidence of heart disease despite a high fat diet. A top Madiran such as Château d’Aydie from Domaine Laplace will develop well over 20 years. The 2011 is just beginning to open up but will develop beautifully for a decade more.


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