Domaine Saint André de Figuière Atmosphère Rosé 2020


Provence Rosé with bubbles- exactly as delicious as it sounds!


Rosé, Sparkling Rose




Domaine Saint André de Figuière


Cinsault, Grenache






Atmosphère is all about fun. Its soft, elegant pink appearance is appealing, and its fine bubbles are striking, the result of a drawn-out maturation process in bottle. This is a well-balanced wine that hovers between fresh and full-bodied with an elegant, fruity and delicious finish. It’ll whet your daytime appetite and electrify your evening celebrations.

About the Domaine

This dynamic domaine was created by Burgundian Alain Combard in the early 1990’s and is now run by his children. Their range of Rosé are quintessentially Provençal, palest pink and absolutely perfect for drinking in the sunshine.

Alain, alongside his friend Michel Laroche, created one of Chablis’ best known domaines in the 1970s before selling up in the late 1980s. Needing a new challenge and feeling the call of the south, he began to explore Provence, looking for a place to make fine wines. A fan of Rosé, he wanted to see if, by carefully adopting Burgundian viticultural methods, he could produce pink wines that would stand at table against the world’s great whites. After a number of years searching he found Saint-André de Figuière, an old estate that had already been run organically for a decade or more, but was in need of investment.

Alain’s children have now taken over, but his philosophy continues and the wines are better than ever.


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