Domaine Rodolphe Demougeot Pommard 1er Cru Charmots le Coeur des Dames 2016







Domaine Rodolphe Demougeot


Pinot Noir






A heart shaped vineyard within the 1er Cru Charmots, known for supple, accessible Pommard. Enclosed by a limestone wall, and well protected from the elements, Rodolphe uses a horse here, which avoids compacting the soil. Shows a little more richness and firmness than the Vignots, though they are both made in the same manner, but it is still very much in the mold of tender finesse rather than muscle.

About the Domaine

Although based in Meursault it is Rodolphe’s reds which first caught our imagination. They are perfumed and pure, with clearly defined fruit and structure.

Rodolphe is a great friend of Francois Buisson, which is how we came to know this domaine Rodolphe has built his domaine from the small operation he inherited from his grandparents into the 8ha he has today, spread over Pommard, Beaune, and Auxey-Duresses. He uses no chemicals in the vineyard, follows aspects of the biodynamic calander and green harvests early in the season to reduce yields in the pursuit of quality over quantity. He uses a horse to plough in many of his plots. He is beginning to build his reputation so do buy these while they remain such good value!

These are silky wines combining sumptuous, perfumed fruit with a fine grain of tannin. The 2015s are particularly fine. I wish there was a single word for ‘perfume in the mouth’, the beguiling sense of fruit and flowers which seems to rise from the throat upon swallowing. Of course, this is part of a wines finish, but in some cases, Rodolphe’s being one, this is accentuated until it almost becomes a different sensation. On a recent visit Rodolphe opened a Pommard ‘Vignots’ 2005 for us, it was drinking beautifully, not at all old, but beginning to show its complexity and depth. Still lots of primary fruit, lots more to come, really shows what these wines are capable of when well cellared. As Rodolphe said ‘2015 produced wines to age… they will just be ready when they are all finished!’


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