Domaine la Pascerette des Vignes Mâcon Milly Lamartine Cuvée Claude & Alphonsine 2021


85-100-year-old vines give this wine beautifully ripe fruit balanced by a real sense of the limestone






Domaine la Pascerette des Vignes








From a parcel of 85 year old vines, with a few centenarians mixed in. We visited the vineyard, a beautiful and tranquil place, the kind to immediately make one think about giving it all up and moving to Mâcon! Again, all in concrete. Deeper aroma, with notes of apricot, peach and honey. Super mineral attack, lots of concentration, tightly bound by citrus acidity. Feels both taut and generous. Finishes with beautifully cool fruit.

About the Domaine

Based in the village of Mâcon-Milly-Lamartine, Celine Robergeot-Cienki was an engineer before she moved here in 1996. As she settled in the area she began to dream of creating a small farm, buying a farmhouse near the top of the slopes in the Val Lamartinien. Initially the domaine had 3.5ha of vines and 11ha of meadows for raising Lambs – so they named the domaine to reflect their dual purpose, Domaine La Pascerette des Vignes, Grazing and Vines. Their aim then was simple, and remains today – to farm in a balanced, sustainable way, creating produce true to their land.

Mâcon-Milly-Lamartine sits on the western-most slopes of the Mâconnais. Sologny, where the Pascerette vines are planted, is well situated, between 280-380ms and enjoying cool breezes from the first hills of the Haut-Mâconnais. Most of the vineyards face east and south-east, enjoying the morning sun. The altitude and cooling influence of the wind means Milly-Lamartine is often late ripening, but has the potential to make wines of distinction, concentrated and mineral. The soils are a complex mix of limestone, gypsum, clay and granite.

All vineyard work is manual, and only organic treatments are used, although the domaine is not certified. Celine is passionate about sustainable agriculture, and especially about soil health. A caterpillar tracked tractor is used to avoid compacting the soil, and the vines are grassed between the rows, and mowed. Celine believes harvest date is all important, and careful observation is the key. Harvest is by hand, the grapes are sorted into small crates. At the winery, fermentation takes place naturally. The whites are pressed before fermentation in barrel and vat.


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