Aglianico di Vulture SCEG 2018, Elena Fucci


Wonderful Aglianico sourced from old vine parcels around Vulture. A wine for drinking by the bonfire, or Chimenea for those of us with more urban lives!






Azienda Agricola Elena Fucci








Aglianico has a long history, some think the Greeks may have taken it to Southern Italy, some that it is indigenous to the area. It can make huge, fierce wines – it takes a gentle touch and skilful wine making to find the right balance. I find the nose compelling, with aromas of dark, wild fruits, fire and smoke, even a touch of blood. There’s a sense of lift on the palate, tension, and a real streak of cool mineral finesse from Vulture’s volcanic soils. The structure is relatively refined and although the fruit is ripe, it is restrained and finely balanced. I love the contrast between those untamed flavours and the more sophisticated elements, the wild and the civilised. Seems a wine for drinking by the bonfire, or Chiminea for those of us with more urban lives!

Silvia says
“The reason for appreciating this wine is most definitely in its generosity and openness of rich ripe fruit without being too powerful in in character. Usually this wine can be highly tannic but Elena Fucci has ensured that the tannins are silky and well-integrated. The fruit is abundant and brings you into the glass with beautiful gentle smokiness and savoury complexity makes this rather enjoyable to drink.”

“The 2018 Aglianico del Vulture SCEG captivates with a display of plums and cherries mixed with ashen earth and hints of animal musk. It’s soft and pliant in feel, and unexpectedly juicy as well, with ripe black fruits and savory herbal tones giving way to sweet tannins that mount toward the close. While structured and dry, this maintains harmony, finishing fresh under an air of inner violet florals. Nicely done. The SCEG is a project headed up by Elena Fucci, who sources its fruit from small old-vines parcels tended by local farmers”
Eric Guido Vinous Media May 2021

About the Domaine

Elena Fucci started making wines after finishing her enology degree in 2000. The 6 hectares estate was founded by her Grandfather in the 60s but was only since Elena arrival that they stop selling the grapes and bottling under their own labels.


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