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Terra Vita Vinum's aims are simple – to build upon the work done by the Richou brothers at Domaine Richou, to convert the domaine from organic to biodynamic farming and to make the finest wines possible with the least intervention. These wines are fantastic - sophisticated, distinctive and delicious.

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We focus on small producers, who care deeply about their land and the wines they produce

We ship directly from the cellars of our growers, some of whom we have worked with for over 30 years.




Based in the north of the appellation, near the town of Montalcino itself, Il Palazzone is known for producing traditional, refined Brunello. The philosophy is terroir and tradition focused- they believe that it is the Montalcino climate which is primarily responsible for the quality of their wines- that man’s job is to add nothing and simply allow this to be communicated, and that the traditional methods do this most effectively.

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