Domaine Vincent DELAPORTE et Fils, Sancerre

The Delaporte white Sancerre is quite simply one of the most terroir driven wines of the appellation.  Farmed from 34 different plots of vines  combining equal proportions of rocky limestone, and more unusual in Sancerre, flint (silex), the wines have remarkable depth and structure.  With age (5 – 15 years plus) they develop extraordinary complexity, though sadly most are consumed by then.  From Pinot Noir the Delaportes make a fine fresh rosé and a well structured red.  They also make two small special cuvées (Cuvées Maximes) from old vines which are barrel-fermented and aged in oak. The single vineyard cru, Monts Damnés, is a recent additon to the Delaporte portfolio.

White wine Vintage
Sancerre Blanc 2015
Sancerre Blanc (magnum) 2015
Sancerre Blanc Cuvée Maxime   2014
Sancerre Blanc Cuvée Maxime (magnum) 2013/14
Sancerre Blanc Monts Damnés 2015
 Red wine Vintage
Sancerre Rouge 2015
Sancerre Rouge (magnum) 2014
Sancerre Rouge Cuvée Maxime 2013/14
 Rosé wine Vintage
Sancerre Rosé                              2016

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