Julien DUPORT, Odenas

This was a lucky break. I had actually arranged to see Laurent Martray who suggested it would not be time wasted to also taste the wines of his young neighbour and protégé, Julien Duport, who, unlike himself, had no representation in the UK. He was right.  Julien has a natural rapport with his vines and makes wines of scintillating clarity, voluminous fruit, underpinned by a discreet structure that suggests they will age particularly well. I also subsequently discovered that his small range were amongst the most highly rated of all Crus Beaujolais in 2010 and 2011 in the growers’ bible, ‘Beaujolais Aujourdhui’.  Vinification is part traditional maceration carbonique, or wholebunch natural pressing under a blanket of CO2, followed by élevage in cuve and bottling after nine months. 

Red Wine Vintage

Brouilly, 'La Folie'

Cote de Brouilly, 'La boucheratte'



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